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Moving to Des Moines many years ago was a multi-level attraction to my wife, Marianne and I as we travelled into the little Cape Cod like village on the sound. We arrived quite by accident trying to wend our way to Tacoma and had no idea that a city named “Des Moines” even existed outside of Iowa. Because I grew up and went to school in Sagamore and Wareham Massachusetts (Cape Cod to you) the sight and feel of Des Moines attracted me especially. We almost immediately agreed to, someday, live here. This was more than an emotional mind set; there were many aspects of the way Des Moines was laid out, with a grocery store at both ends, and many small businesses, a doughnut shop, bakery, and a few restaurants that looked like they had been moved here from back east. A drug store and schools nearby added to the attraction but the potential for retirement was also a consideration for us. It took a few years as we became accustomed to civilian life, having retired from the US Air Force and saving enough to own a home, but we made it. A beautiful home in Huntington Park in Des Moines captured our hearts and here we are! Surrounded by new friends and neighbors, we soon began shopping in Johnny’s Market and Albertsons at the other end. Johnny’s was the friendliest place to shop and even had people remember your name; it was like we experienced back east. Well, Johnny’s is now a distant but fond memory, Albertson’s forgotten and now we are faced with a gigantic and critical loss to us and the city of Des Moines; QFC is evacuating! Is there no way or means that our city council members could have foreseen and prepared with some replacement for this major element to a small city such as ours? For this to have been allowed to happen can only point to one sad element that few of us want to believe and that element is likely some form of greed. Our councilmembers, some of them friends and some are even our neighbors can not wish to do us any harm or deprive us of the small luxury of a grocery store, now, can they!? The answer to this will be your personal evaluation and response but I have a challenge to present o our illustrious “City Fathers”: My dear friends of the City Council of our beloved City of Des Moines park your car at your home and walk to the nearest grocery store. Take your time and maybe a back pack, remembering that it is only one mile away; you may also need to take your umbrella. At the end of the day when you are back in town, approach one or two people who are on walkers, with canes or on one of those mobility scooters; smile benevolently and introduce yourself as a council member and with a friendly smile point to the direction of the grocery store “only one mile away”; now take your conscience and go, proudly home and live with yourself! Really? – Pat Nardo Proud Resident of Des Moines
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