The City of Des Moines this week announced a new public park speed safety program to launch near Redondo Boardwalk and Wooton Park, starting in April.

The city said this will be the first program in the state to activate in a public park zone and in accordance with the 2022 Move Ahead Washington transportation package.

The program will launch with a 30-day warning period. which will aim to educate residents on the speed program the dangers of speeding near pedestrians and public parks. and the consequences of illegal behavior within the enforcement program zone.

After the warning period, registered vehicle owners will be issued violations for any vehicle photographed speeding through the enforcement area.

“Our residents have expressed deep concern abaft the reckless driving behavior around Wooten Park and the Redondo Boardwalk,” said Mayor Traci Buxton. “It’s time to prioritize the safety of our community. We are confident our program will slow traffic along this crowded section of road, and help alleviate the disturbances these drivers impose.”

The four cameras will be located along the highly trafficked Redondo Beach Drive between Shore Drive and 287th Street as well as on Redondo Way S. east of Wooton Park.

A pilot study was conducted in 2023 within the park zones to capture and verify the need for this program. During the five-day test period, nearly 4,000 events were captured as being in violation of the speed limit. The data, along with proven statistics showing the effectiveness of speed safety programs, summarized the opportunity to improve the safety of this condor.

The City of Des Moines utilizes state-of-the-art digital cameras and proven violation detection technology to help decrease illegal behavior. The program helps ensure that drivers pay more attention to the roads and obey traffic control devices. Signs have been placed along this section of the road to alert drivers that the park zone is a photo enforcement area.

The City of Des Moines partnered with Verna Mobility. a leader in speed safety technology, to administer this first-in-the-state park safely program and to help implement the program. While the technology will be administered through the company. The Des Moines Police Department will oversee, review, and approve every speed violation event prior to citation issuance.

Here’s more from the city:

Why has Des Moines installed Park Zone Speed Safety Cameras?

Speeding is dangerous and often deadly; it is a contributing factor in 31 percent of fatal crashes in Washington state according to the Washington Traffic Safety Commission.

A vehicle’s level of speed also has a significant impact on a pedestrian’s level of risk for severe injury or death. The AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that a pedestrian hit by a vehicle traveling at 20 mph is nearly two-thirds less likely to be killed compared to a pedestrian struck by a vehicle traveling at 30 mph.

According to USDOT, speed safety cameras can reduce crashes by over 50%.

Due to the effectiveness of speed cameras in increasing safety, the City of Des Moines has partnered with Verra Mobility to utilize state-of-the-art speed safety cameras to help decrease potential violations in public park zone locations. Speed safety cameras are proven to be effective in reducing crashes as well as pedestrian-related injuries. Most importantly, communities that use speed safety cameras consistently report safer roads surrounding the program.

The park zone speed safety program helps ensure that drivers pay more attention and obey traffic control devices and is one of many tools the city utilizes to reduce speeding and keep the community safe.

The use of park zone speed safety cameras in Des Moines was authorized under the State statute RCW 46.63.170 in 2022, which provides additional opportunities for cities and counties to expand their use of speed safety cameras.

When are the Park Zone Speed Safety Cameras operational?

Park zone speed safety cameras will be active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What is the fine amount for a park zone speeding violation?

The fine amount for a park zone speed violation will be $145.

Will this ticket appear on my driving record?

Citations detected with Park Zone cameras will not be reported to the Department of Licensing and will not appear on driving records. Nor will information be sent to vehicle owners’ insurance companies.

Failure to respond to a Notice of Violation, or failure to appear for a requested hearing for the purpose of contesting the determination or for the purpose of explaining mitigating circumstances, may result in the refusal of the department to renew the vehicle registration until any penalties imposed have been satisfied.

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