Daniel Keane, who lives in the Huntington Park neighborhood of Des Moines and owns Serenza Salon & Spa in Burien, is recovering from injuries sustained in a hit & run collision that he was a victim of on Sunday, April 14, 2024.

Keane was riding his electric bike southbound in the designated bike lane at around 23334 Marine View Drive South (map below) right across from Zenith Holland Nursery at around 6 p.m. when he was struck by a black Mazda CX5.

Keane was heading south in the designated bike lane on the left of this Street View of 23334 Marine View Drive South when he was hit by a car.

The vehicle’s driver was either distracted or just plain bad, and he rammed into the back of Keane’s bicycle. Keane said he ended up going “head over heels” onto the cement, with his bike broken up. He saw the car slow down a bit and pull over to the side, but rather than stop, the driver took off.

Keane was wearing a helmet, and told us that earlier on Sunday he just had a talk with his granddaughter about the importance of them.

Neighbors heard the crash and came out to check on Keane. Another driver stopped and called 911. Des Moines Police and emergency crews responded, and Keane was treated for a bad case of road rash and other injuries to his shoulder and left hand.

“I’m really fortunate that I didn’t break anything,” Keane told us.

Keane’s left hand and side took the brunt of the “road rashes” from falling hard on the pavement after his bike suffered from a hit & run on Marine View Drive South on Sunday, April 14.

He said he was traveling southbound on Marine View Drive in the right-hand (west side) bike lane at around 14 mph. The speed limit on that road is 35 mph.

He was able to recover a rearview mirror from the passenger side of the suspect vehicle, which revealed identifying info about it being a Mazda CX5, built between 2018-2023.

Police Seeking Public’s Help

Police are checking nearby traffic cameras to see if they can find the vehicle, and are asking anyone with information regarding the black Mazda CX5 involved in this hit-and-run to contact them at (206) 878-2121 and reference case number 24-0919.

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  1. Check the apartments nearby. Happens to be the descriptive vehicle that is suddenly now a white version or loaner car.

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