With the cut of a ribbon, a new legal pot store officially opens in Des Moines


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On Saturday (Oct. 25) just after Noon, a ribbon cutting ceremony officially opened the first legal pot store in Des Moines, as Greenside Recreational opened for business at 23407 Pacific Highway South.

Mayor Dave Kaplan wielded the large scissors, along with co-owner Seth Simpson and staff, as a line of around 20 people waited to get in to buy the area’s first legal Cannabis.

“Greenside’s focus is to provide a wide variety of products to suit the cannaoisseur,” reads an announcement.

The woman in charge of the product selection is Alison Draisin, a local Cannabis expert. She is a member of ‘Women of Weed,’ a trade organization. She resides on the judges panel for the High Times Cannabis Cup and is the owner of Ettalews, an award winning medible company.

“I’ve been with Greenside since the beginning. Their first medical store was my first place my medicated edibles were available to patients.”

Greenside owners Seth Simpson and David Ahl are committed to providing medical Marijuana as long as possible in Seattle.

“We stand behind the medicine, but understand that change is quickly approaching. Greenside Recreational is our answer.”

The new store is open 7 days a week from Noon – 7 p.m., and they serve up smokeables, edibles and accessories.

For more information:

Greenside Recreational
23407 Pacific Hwy S
Des Moines, WA 98198
(Map This)

(206) 878-6470


EDITOR’S NOTE: As a matter of strange coincidence, the frame number for the exact moment the ribbon was cut was #420, a popular code in the cannabis culture.


6 Responses to “With the cut of a ribbon, a new legal pot store officially opens in Des Moines”
  1. Don Wasson [email protected] says:

    Whoopee That’s what I call Economic Revitaization, Thank you Mr. Mayor!
    Some thing our children can look forward to when they get old enough to get their older freinds to buy their supply of goodies for them. or maybe when their parents are high they can buy it for their children. we live in a different world and Des Moines is keeping up with the times!

    • Dave Kaplan says:

      Mr. Wasson, it’s a product that the voters of our state made legal. We can regulate where it goes, and that they operate within the constraints of state law and our local business regulations. While it’s not a product I would use, I defend their right to sell it.

      • Don Wasson [email protected] says:

        Yes Mr. Mayor the voters legalized it. We have hundreds of deaths every year from drunk divers. But now we will hae to change that statement t We will have hundreds of death by drunk drivers and high on pot drivers!
        But what the hell, anything for revitalization.of our economy.

  2. Rosanna says:

    I asked a friend one time, who use to smoke pot, what does it do to you? He said it makes you feel lazy (relaxed) and stupid (its been called dope for a reason). My thought is great, there are not enough lazy and stupid people, we need more! I am getting tired of smelling it, that’s for sure!

  3. Harold Kumar says:

    Damn some people are salty ^^^

  4. Citizen says:

    That is funny. I don’t recall Mayor Kaplan doing a ribbon-cutting ceremony for the new XXX sex-shop across the street when it opened up last year about this time. Mayor Kaplan must not be “celebrating business diversity” in his community. Then again, it was just before his last election…

    With this kind of Mayoral attention, is it any wonder Des Moines has the problems it does?

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