The City of Des Moines announced on Monday, May 13, 2024 that Nicole Nordholm has been named its new Communications Director, effective immediately.

Nordholm will be responsible for developing, implementing and maintaining a comprehensive communication plan consistent with the City’s strategic goals and objectives.

Nordholm – who holds a Masters in Public Administration (MPA) – brings over six years of experience with the City across various departments. She previously served as Management Analyst, Parks, Recreation and Senior Services Director, and most recently, Community Events and Services Director. Her well-rounded background positions her for a smooth transition into the new role.

This appointment follows an 18-month review by Consor, a professional communications consultant. The review, which included extensive community, staff, and City Council engagement, recommended the creation of a full-time communications director position.

After receiving an initial draft of the final study, the City’s Executive Team began reviewing options for how to implement the report’s findings within existing budget constraints. Nordholm was identified as an ideal candidate within the organization for this role given her education and experience. Her previous job duties will be handled by additional internal staffing realignments.

As Communications Director, she will report to the Assistant City Manager.

“Using the findings of the Consor report, numerous inputs from the community as well as City Council priorities and recommendations, the City has a clear path on items that can be implemented immediately to improve communication,” the city said in a statement. “You will begin to see action very soon as we roll out new communications strategies/methods and start to develop our strategic plan.”

“The City of Des Moines has a great story to tell, and our employees are proud of the work that they do. Historically we have not had a dedicated staff member to actively tell that story to the community.”

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