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You have been named a Personal Representative in Will, what does that mean?

Being named a Personal Representative can be overwhelming and confusing, and you may need advice as to what duties the Personal Representative has after the decedent passes away. The Personal Representative is the person named in a Will to handle one’s assets and debts after someone passes away. The primary duty of the Personal Representative is to protect the estate in a manner consistent with the decedent’s wishes. Although this may appear simple, it is important that the Personal Presentative understand the responsibilities associated with the position. Some responsibilities of the Personal Representative include:
  • Opening the estate by filing the necessary probate documents with the court
  • Identify assets of the estate
  • Open an estate account to handle all financial matters
  • Provide notice to creditors
  • Make sure tax returns are filed for the decedent and the estate
  • Payment of debts, distribution of assets, and closing the estate
These are just a few of the responsibilities of a Personal Representative. However, the Personal Representative doesn’t have to complete all of this by themselves. A Personal Representative can hire an experienced probate attorney to assist them with the probate process to ensure that all steps are completed accurately and timely. At DAL Law Firm, attorney Darcel Lobo can sit down with you and go over the duties and responsibilities of a Personal Representative, what the process entails, and answer any questions or concerns you may have. If you, or anyone you know, may need any assistance with a being named a Personal Representative in a will, please contact our office at (206) 408-8158, or visit our website at: [caption id="attachment_139049" align="aligncenter" width="490"] Darcel Lobo[/caption] Contact us:
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