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…that you may be able to settle your debts for a fraction of what you owe? At Marine View Law & Escrow, we provide comprehensive legal services to individuals and businesses throughout King County struggling with debt problems. We will work directly with you and will successfully represent you in negotiations with your creditor(s) in order to obtain the best possible settlement. Our lawyers can assist you at any stage, whether you have just started to fall behind, or if several months have gone by since you were able to make timely payments. We have represented clients in settling all types of debts: credit cards, overdraft bank accounts, unsecured lines of credits, second mortgages, business loans, among many other types of credit accounts. Direct negotiation with your creditors to work out new arrangements is generally in your creditor’s best interests. So we work for you in obtaining new payment terms; this could be in the form of a lump sum settlement, or a repayment plan. We don’t work with just your creditor to obtain the settlement; we work with you as well in obtaining something that is feasible for our clients and in their best interests. We have considerable experience and have successfully negotiated many favorable settlements on behalf of our clients.
“Darcel was amazing throughout the entire process of negotiating my debt down with my bank. I was relieved and very satisfied with the results that she was able to achieve. She was very close in all communication (with) me and timely. Thank you so much!”

– Satisfied Customer of Marine View Law & Escrow

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