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On Wednesday night, June 22, 2022, over 100 Men and Women In Black attended the first-ever “6/22 Men In Black Birthday Bash” at the Quarterdeck in Des Moines.

This was another fun-filled event presented by local historian/filmmaker Steve Edmiston, and tied into the historic “Maury Island Incident” UFO case from 1947 – celebrating the first-ever Man In Black, who was alleged to have visited Harold Dahl on June 22, 1947.

Dozens of guests were dressed in black at the event, which included awarding of special “MIBBY” honors to “The Maury Island Incident” film Executive Producer John White, Sen. Karen Keiser, who represents the 33rd Legislative District, and film Director/Producer Scott Schaefer. Each first-ever recipient received a cool medallion and a Fedora hat, along with plenty of “OOFs” chants from the crowd (signifying the “Order Of Fedora”).

    • Live music was provided by JT Underwood.
    • A costume contest was held.
    • Lots of laughs and fun was had.

The overall goal of this inaugural event is to create an annual, big festival that draws thousands of MIB and UFO fans from around the world.

Below is an edited video of the event, which includes a walk-through, along with the honoring of the first-ever “Order of Fedora” winners – for what it’s worth, the video runs 13-minutes, 4 seconds:

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And here are some photos of the event, courtesy David Rosen of Slickpix Photography – click image to launch photo gallery:

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More info on this inaugural event here: