We’d like to welcome back our latest Advertiser – Waterland CrossFit of Des Moines! As we do with all our Advertisers, we’re giving them a forum to share their information:

Waterland CrossFit is HERE to HELP YOU achieve your health and fitness goals for 2012!!!  This is a great opportunity to jumpstart your year and find out what CrossFit is all about!!! CrossFit is a hugely popular fitness philosophy defined as “constantly-varied, functional movements, performed at high intensity”. CrossFit is popular because it produces RESULTS!! With small group classes, smart, hard and ever-changing workouts, CrossFit is simply a good idea. Accountability, goal-setting, progress tracking and nutritional support will help ANYONE achieve the healthier life they want. Benefits come quickly and WILL include: weight loss, increased strength, flexibility, balance, aerobic capacity, muscular endurance…etc, etc, etc. You will LOOK BETTER and FEEL BETTER!! Workouts are scaled for virtually ANY conditioning level. Start now. A better life waits for you…AND WE’RE HERE TO HELP!

Just Click Here to get more info on our 2012 special!

E-mail us at waterlandxfit@gmail.com or call 206-271-8100 to contact us with questions or to register for the Introductory class.

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