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It was a long time coming and there is still much to be worked out, but the Port of Seattle is reaching out to some 3,200 area residents whose homes were outfitted with noise mitigation packages that have since failed. If you receive a survey invitation from the Port, you could help get this effort to the next stage by taking part in the initial assessment and I encourage you to do so.

The survey is a huge first step toward correcting a problem that for decades has plagued people in communities adjacent to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport—mainly residents who live beneath or close to the airport flight paths. 

Many of these folks cannot afford to fix their failed “Port packages.” After years of effort by local, state and federal officials, there is now at least enough funding for the Port to launch a pilot program to assess how many homeowners need assistance—and what a comprehensive repair program might cost. 

The Repair and Replacement Pilot Program covers not only homeowners who originally contracted for the noise mitigation work, but also any subsequent buyer who now owns one of these properties. All 3,200 homes included in the survey are located in a corridor identified by the Federal Aviation Administration as high-noise. Port officials need a strong survey response so they can best assess what’s required going forward. 

Funding for a full-scale remediation program remains uncertain. Efforts to change the law failed recently in Congress, so it’s still illegal to use federal funds to fix Port packages originally paid for with federal dollars. The Washington state legislature was poised to provide $10 million but balked over fears of a budget crisis that would be triggered by the threatened repeal of the state’s landmark (and lucrative) Climate Commitment Act.

It’s a shame more help won’t be available sooner to these homeowners who have been waiting for relief for many years already. But the door is open a crack. Help us keep pushing by returning those surveys!

–Brian Davis

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  1. Noise Mitigation is fine and desirable, BUT for those of us who appreciate fresh air in the home by having open windows, the mitigation efforts only go so far.
    What I would really appreciate would be studies on the particulate pollution for the homes under the flight paths. My light colored deck is always covered with fine dark particulate material. This should be of greater concern for Des Moines!

  2. A couple of notes…
    1. The Port has actually installed over 9,400 Port Packages since 1985. So the question of why only send out 3,200 surveys is relevant. Our initial guess, which seems to be confirmed by the Port, is that only people who received post cards (ie. 1/3 of the total #) will be considered eligible for an update program. This likely has to do with the fact that the -current- eligibility area is -much- smaller than it was at the time of the Third Runway. If correct, this is outrageous. Concerned homeowners should subscribe to the Sea-TacNoise.Info mailing list.


    2. WRT the comment on particulate matter, this Spring, the City of Des Moines was -almost- able to obtain the first permanent aviation-specific pollution monitor anywhere near the airport. However, the State fund was cut at the last moment. I will be putting that forward again in the fall. We cannot regulate these emissions without those monitors.

  3. My deck that faces (east) the flight path is covered with black soot and the fan I have in my garage window is covered with a sticky black soot I have not discovered how I can clean this big fan and I know that I am breathing this stuff all the time because it is very prevalent all over my area of North Hill.

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